K-5th Programs

Tween Meetups (TWMU)

Tweens Meetups is a 2 hr program that is all about spending time getting to know people at this awkward in between age where you are not quite a little kid but not quite a teen yet either! Each meetup is arranged so that they have ample time to laugh, have fun, and be tweens! The whole time they will also be working on building relationships by being collaborative and hanging out through various settings like restaurants, group activities, and play opportunities. It is geared for those higher functioning in 3rd-5th to really push the boundaries of social involvement and social communication.

TWMU winter/spring 2020 Informational PDF with event dates-contact UTH for the actual enrollment forms


“Sister Hood” TWEENS

This program is for females 3rd-5th (Tween) to bond as females while improving their social, emotional, and physical health. Each week there is a female oriented topic, a team work oriented activity, and freetime to socialize. At the end there is a celebratory “walk & celebration” to honor Sister Hood!
Sister Hood TWEEN Winter/Spring 2020 informational PDF-for actual enrollment forms contact UTH

League of Friends (LOF)

League of Friends is a 2 hr program that is all about getting out there and having social fun. It is specifically outings out in the community that are typical for this age range. It is geared for those in K-5th. It’s all about having fun! For more details on this program visit our LOF page.

K-5th Allstars (AS)

K-5th Allstars is a 2 hr program for targeted social skills. It recognizes that in elementary school there is so much diversity in language skills, cognitive and problem solving skills, motor skills, play skills. It also recognizes that there is a tremendous amount of diversity in self-regulation. Allstars honors this diversity by offering multiple social skills groups that target needs more specifically because not all children need the same thing!.It ranges from social skills groups with a heavy emphasis on play to social skills groups that are more heavy on conversation building and shared opinions. More details on this program visit our Allstars page.

Upper Elementary Special Topics (UEST)

Upper Elementary Special Topics (UEST) is a 2 hr program that covers special topics geared for those in 3rd-5th!

The special topics are designed to be an open discussion format and touch on personal issues affecting 3rd-5th

Special Topics 3rd-5th TWEEN informational PDF-contact UTH for actual enrollment forms

K-5th Meetups (SMU)

Our K-5th Community Meetups are designed with our K-5th in mind who may be busy but still want to come out and have some social fun!

Video Chats

Video Chats are offered through ZOOM, UTH’s web based video conferencing platform. The platform offers a unique way for UTH members to continue to connect even when distance seperates them.

Video chats are monitored and used for various purposes including continued communication practice, networking, building relationships, gaining feedback and offering reflection, and practicing for interviews.

Video chats currently offered informational PDF-contact UTH for actual enrollment forms