K-5th Programs

League of Friends

League of Friends is a 2 hr program that is all about getting out there and having social fun. It is specifically outings out in the community that are typical for this age range. It is geared for those in K-5th. It’s all about having fun! For more details on this program visit our LOF page.

K-5th Allstars

K-5th Allstars is a 2 hr program for targeted social skills. It recognizes that in elementary school there is so much diversity in language skills, cognitive and problem solving skills, motor skills, play skills. It also recognizes that there is a tremendous amount of diversity in self-regulation. Allstars honors this diversity by offering multiple social skills groups that target needs more specifically because not all children need the same thing!.It ranges from social skills groups with a heavy emphasis on play to social skills groups that are more heavy on conversation building and shared opinions. More details on this program visit our Allstars page.

K-5th Meetups

Our K-5th Meetups are designed with our K-5th in mind! They meet throughout the month and there are different meet ups to choose from. The meetups are all themed. The meetups offer the challenge of coming out for something where they may not know everyone and have to navigate social expectations of joining in and being flexible. The schedule for our K-5th meetups can be found on our meetup.com site or on our Meetup/Community tab. Please RSVP for them so we can plan accordingly.