Future Allstars – For 6th-Young Adults Leadership and Team Work Skills

Summer 2023

This program is for those who are going into 6th-12th or in the Young Adult 18+

This program is also only for those who have previously attended a UTH event, were successful at the UTH event, and the UTH staff clear them for this program.

This program is also geared for high functioning members due to the high communication, social, and emotional demands associated with the activities.

What is the purpose of Future Allstars?

  • The program is designed to focus on the communication, social, and emotional skills to be a more successful leader and team member.
  • Those that enroll will find that they are being expected to be involved socially the entire day and there is little down time to escape, avoid, or be invisible. There are also many opportunities to have personality conflicts, become irritated with someone, etc. that are similar to day to day real life situations everyone is expected to learn to work through. Staff assists all members through challenges created naturally in a real world social environment.
  • Stamina, problem solving, understanding cause and effect, regulation, learning to be cooperative, and acceptance of outcomes is emphasized at Future Allstars.
  • Communication, personal responsibility, team work, sharing ideas, and remaining involved are heavily emphasized.


What is the structure of Future Allstars?

Each day the members will be provided with at least one “project” they will complete as a group.

They will have the ability to take on various roles and responsibilities as the “project” is being put together engaged with, etc.

They will have the opportunity to be filmed at various points throughout the day so they can review their communication later (ex: maybe talking through their roles, maybe the presentation of the final project, question and answer portion, etc.).

They will be focusing on how to demonstrate and “sell” their skills to others and what skills they possess that make them a valuable team member.  They will focus on the barriers they bring to the group that day which might make the team work more challenging.

Each member will bring their own lunch to eat during the designated lunch break.



All programming options are being offered stand alone (pick and choose what works for you!). Click here to see the offerings for in person.

Questions Please email UTH at info@unitedthroughhope.org or contact UTH at 1-866-857-7751