Helping Others Progress and Excell

Your donation allows us to keep the cost for families low while keeping the value of our programs high. Whether it’s a reoccurring contribution or a one-time gift, your tax-deductible donation supports social programs for hundreds of children and young adults in North Texas.

Donate today to our 501c3 Non Profit with our secure PayPal link and receive an instant receipt for your generous gift!

United through HOPE is always in need of toys, board/video games, decoration, dress up clothes, and art supplies.

Visit our Get Involved Page and discover more way you can make an impact, including volunteer opportunities.

We also accept donations in the form of check or cash, and will send you a receipt thanking you for your generosity.

Mail Checks to: United Through H.O.P.E. | 503 Bolivar Street | Denton TX 76201

If you would like to donate items for any of our events or programs please contact us
by phone at: 1-866-857-7751 or by email at

North Texas Giving Day is 9/19/19 and days of Scheduled Giving from 9/19-9/18/19! Go here to donate on or before this special day!

Be a dear and on one of these days please donate to UTH and help our mission flourish!

Please mark Thursday, September 19, 2019 on your calendars as it is a very special day for United Through HOPE as it is the annual North Texas Giving Day where all nonprofits in the DFW area from 6am-midnight are part of a huge annual one day giving drive!

Busy on 9/19/19 or afraid you may forget to contribute to the UTH cause?? That’s okay because there is a scheduled giving time too where you can schedule your giving so that it is part of the annual North Texas Giving Day. Scheduled giving runs from September 9-18 so you have 10 days to act on helping United Through HOPE keep running full speed ahead!

But wait there’s another way you can help out United Through HOPE by being a SUPER FUNRAISER!!! You can do this by setting up a FUNraising page! It’s kind of like a go fund me page but it is only linked to UTH and to North Texas Giving day and is a great way to spread the UTH mission but also to raise extra! Want to know how to be a SUPER FUNRAISER? Watch this :

Have a business or a corporation you think might want to be matching up with UTH or just want to set up a match challenge for UTH to try and meet on 9/19/19? Then consider creating a matching funds page and here’s how to do that:

United Through HOPE 2018 Snapshot
Served 866 in over 19 different programs which provided 5273 hours of services to our United Through HOPE families!
9605.5 volunteer hours were utilized which saved UTH $230,532 in 2018 which means that UTH was able to pass on those savings in reduced program fees to ALL members!
Total revenue was $143,000 in 2018 and ALL was directly used for basic operating expenses and less than 3% was used for salaries for staff and that was for 100% used for accounting staff.

On 9/19/19 please GET UP AND GIVE and support UTH in its mission.