Dr. Laurie Harrier

Executive Director: Dr. Laurie Harrier, LP, LSSP, NCSP

Dr. Laurie Harrier has 12 years of experience working as a LSSP (Licensed Specialist in School Psychology) in various districts in the north Texas area including Arlington, Lewisville, and Denton ISD. Within the school setting she was responsible for group and direct counseling, social skills interventions, evaluations for various disabilities, and consulting with teachers and parents. She developed and ran a summer camp for children with social challenges. Dr. Harrier is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Texas. She has created, and is the Executive Director, United through HOPE, a north Texas based 501c3 nonprofit. Dr. Harrier also has a private practice in the North Texas area that focuses on neurofeedback and neuropsychological evaluations.

Dr. Harrier has also completed the following Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) classes and earned the accompanying credentials: Director, Job Skills Trainer (JST), Job Placement Specialist (JPS), and Vocational Adjustment Trainer (VAT), Supported Employment (SE), and Autism Endorsement (AE), and can also complete Environmental Work Assessments (EWAs). Dr. Harrier often acts as an advocate in IEP and 504 meetings for her families. She has partnerships with various universities to supervise interns and practicum students, and her sites are often used for field experience and volunteer options for various disciplines. Throughout her training Dr. Harrier has focused on the developmental, biological, behavioral, and neurological underpinnings to various disabilities and disorders, and strongly believes that a varied and open minded approach leads to better understanding and generalization of skills. She has published and spoken at various conferences on social skills programming, executive function challenges, and generalization approaches in the school setting. To contact Dr. Harrier at email info@unitedthroughhope.org

Chelsey Thatcher

Chelsey Thatcher, LPC, NCC

Assistant Director 

Chelsey Thatcher, MS, LPC, NCC graduated from University of North Texas with a Masters in Counseling specializing in Play Therapy and received her BS in Psychology from Texas Woman’s University. Chelsey is pursuing her Texas requirements to become a RPT (Registered Play Therapist) and BCBA. Chelsey graduated from the Texas A&M Special Education Masters Program where she received her masters in Special Education and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).  Chelsey strives to be able to adapt her skills to help the varying family and child needs to become an effective integrated BCBA/LPC/RPT.

Chelsey has an incredible amount of energy and passion for children, especially those with special needs. She combined her passion and goals together in the Child Relational Therapy class UTH offers which is designed to adapt the traditional CRT for those families with a special needs child. Chelsey joined the UTH team in January 2016 as a volunteer, completed her master’s internship with UTH, and in October 2017 transitioned to an LPC Intern again underscoring her dedication to the field. She now continues with UTH as a LPC.

Chelsey has also completed the following Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) classes and earned the accompanying credentials: Job Skills Trainer (JST), Job Placement Specialist (JPS), and Vocational Adjustment Trainer (VAT), Supported Employment (SE), and Autism Endorsement (AE). Chelsey is able to also conduct ABA therapy under the supervision of the BCBA assigned supervisor provided by Hoomhouse. 

Amelia Cortez

Amelia Cortez

Amelia Cortez is an undergraduate student working towards her BA in Health Studies in Public Health at Texas Woman’s University. As a student in high school while Amelia was a teacher aide in the special education department located within an elementary school and while working at the after-school program through Bridgeport parks recreation center she realized she wanted to move professionally into a field working with children. Amelia decided to go into public health because of the passion she gained during her work, and volunteer experience during school and she also enjoys helping others. After finishing her BA degree, she is looking forward to starting her career path in public health by helping the community at large. Amelia anticipates a return back to school to pursue her master’s in public health and further expand her knowledge.

Amelia joined the UTH team in August of 2023 as an undergraduate intern. She is currently supervised by Dr. Harrier and her Texas Woman’s University assigned supervisor.

Aaron McGinnis

Aaron McGinnis

Aaron joined the UTH team in December of 2018 as our amazing staff member who assists in all the UTH receipts that need to be created!  A daunting task but one she does great at and her time helps UTH keep running!

Andrea Mason

Andrea Mason Davis, LMSW

Contracted Supervisor for Social Work, LMSW

Charette Dersch, LMFT-S

Charette Dersch, LMFT-S

Contracted Supervisor for Marriage and Family Therapy, LMFT

United Through HOPE Board Members

United Through Hope is pleased to have the following individuals on the UTH board. Thank you for your support Charles Lerfald, Jim Oudesema, and Vicki Lerfald.