Meetups and Community Events!

Keep up the social discourse, social fun, and be around like minded individuals. 


Meetups come in all shapes and sizes! Meetups are designed to be able to come to one time with no ongoing involvement required. Types of meetups may include: Pop Up type events (these are decided upon a week to two weeks in advance and then posted).

  • Family Events
  • Parent Night Outs
  • Fun Days
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Sibling Support Groups
  • Young Adult Meetups

The schedule for our POP UP meetups can be found on our site. Always check or subscribe to our site for the pop up ones we do throughout the year!

  • A RSVP is required for them so we can plan accordingly.
  • A RSVP is required so we know attendance levels

Quick Facts about Pre-Scheduled Meetups:

(these are typically pre-designated days and events for a particular age range and are on the PDF’s below and not our site)

  • All members will receive an email the Monday before the event that has pertinent details in it regarding the meetup.
  • Each meetup is 2 hours in length and may be at a location other than our Frisco or Denton freestanding sites. Check the schedule for the exact location, groups it may combine with, and ride and fees that are pre-allocated.
  • Some meetups are combined with other programs to expand the number of social opportunities.
  • Each meetup is designed for the specific age group in mind and is staffed by our trained staff. No parents at these meetups as it is for kids to socialize!
  • New members to UTH must complete an in person intake prior to beginning.

To RSVP for the meetups on these PDFs please email us at or call us at 1-866-857-7751.

PDF of the list of Pre-Scheduled Teen and Child Themed meetups in order of date occurrence from Jan-May 2017

New! Summer Fun Meetups!
PDF of the list of Pre-Scheduled Teen and Child Themed meetups in order of date occurrence from June-August 2017

Community Based Events!
Anyone from the local community can participate, the more the merrier!

Bike Riding Benefit

Learn to Bike Ride and become more comfortable on a bike! 
Already know how to ride? Come out and ride with us too! Want to come out and help others learn?

Xoe’s Bike for Life is Happening On April 2!
Frisco 3-5pm

Contact us at or 1-866-857-7751 for more event details and to RSVP 

Sigree Bar and Grill Hosts Community Based
Meetups as a Fundraiser Benefiting United Through HOPE

Sigree Bar and Grill is located at 3685 Preston Rd Ste 167, Frisco, TX 75034

Sigree has a wonderful selection of Indian choices.
They have a wide selection of gluten free entrees and appetizers and many
items on their menu are great for those with dietary restrictions.

Sigree is owned and operated by a local family who understands special needs.

5% of the proceeds goes to UTH at each community based fundraiser! 

Sigrees Community Based Fundraiser Information