Meetups and Community Events!

Keep up the social discourse, social fun, and be around like minded individuals. 


  • There are different meet ups to choose from at various locations, days, and times.
  • The meetups are all themed and some are done in conjunction with other programs we are running so they may run into someone else they know!
  • The meetups offer the challenge of coming out for something where they may not know everyone and have to navigate social expectations of joining in and being flexible.
  • The meetups also occur in between the big programs (like meetups in Jan when things are not quite revved up yet or over 50 meetups offered during the summer for summer fun

2 types of meetups are possible:

One is just for new members or those who have been in our programs at one point.

  • Quick Facts about these Pre-Scheduled Meetups or members who have been at UTH before or are going to be new to UTH:
  • (these are typically pre-designated days and events for a particular age range and are on the PDF’s below and NOTon our site)
    • All members will receive an email the Monday before the event that has pertinent details in it regarding the meetup.
    • Each meetup is 2 hours in length and may be at a location other than our Frisco or Denton freestanding sites. Check the schedule for the exact location, groups it may combine with, and ride and fees that are pre-allocated.
    • Some meetups are combined with other programs to expand the number of social opportunities.
    • Each meetup is designed for the specific age group in mind and is staffed by our trained staff. No parents at these meetups as it is for kids to socialize!
    • New members to UTH must complete an in person intake prior to beginning.

    To RSVP for the meetups on these PDFs please email us at or call us at 1-866-857-7751.

    Check out this PDF of the Full events occurring for Summer 2019 (June-August 2019)!  Lots in Store! To enroll in any of these please contact us.  


The other is meetups that are open to the ENTIRE family (moms, dads, siblings) so everyone can hang out together. Our meetups come in family sized!  These meetups are just for the family members so that all can participate! Types of meetups may include:

  • Family Events
  • Parent Night Outs
  • Fun Days
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Sibling Support Groups
  • Mom Meetups
  • Dad Meetups

The schedule for these family sized meetups can be found on our site. Always check or subscribe to our site for the family oriented ones we do throughout the year!

  • A RSVP is required for them so we can plan accordingly.
  • A RSVP is required so we know attendance levels


Community Based Events!
Anyone from the local community can participate, the more the merrier!