Meetups, Support Groups, Telehealth, and Community Events!

Keep up the social discourse, social fun, and be around like minded individuals all while building on experiences and building relationships & skills!

UTH is launching a whole new way to be involved-online video chat format!! 

Through the UTH Eventbrite link you can NOW sign up for any of the following: 

Group Video Chat Sessions to further social interaction skills for Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults!
Group Video Chat Support groups for various age ranges
Psychoeducational programming (learn about resources, learn a new skill, and more!)
Community Meetups

Now also being offered through online video format (contact us for more details):
Telehealth (online video chat counseling sessions)
Telehealth (online video chat consultation sessions)
Job Interviewing Practice
1:1 Video Chat Sessions to Build Social Interaction Reciprocity

To learn more about any of the above contact us!

Telehealth & Various Meetup & Support Group Contact Form