Pursuing Independence!

Transitional Housing

First tenants scheduled to move in March 2020!
Enrollment now open! Contact info@unitedthroughhope.org to gain more details.

UTH’s transitional housing is a one year program designed for those wishing to practice TRUE independence and the last step BEFORE living completely on their own. The transitional housing program at UTH is designed for high functioning adults who have demonstrated various pre-requisites and want an opportunity to refine them before doing their final “unenabled” launch.

It includes:
• Living with other adults
• No live in “babysitter” as this program is not meant to enable. Instead the design is to foster independence.
• Weekly meetings with UTH staff to focus on life skills, progress toward individually set goals (school, job, career, life skills, etc.), and conflict resolution at all settings
• Designed to mimic a real “move out” on your own, but with guidance from staff

One pre-requisite that is non negotiable is the member must be their own guardian.

The cost of the program is $1000 a month with a 12 month commitment. What the $1000 a month includes:
• Rent for one bedroom and access to all common living areas & washer/dryer
• All basic utilities including Wifi
• Meetings, goal setting, and life coaching weekly with UTH staff to meet employment, social, emotional, and other need based goals set. The meetings are full group based with all tenants but also individual to meet the budgeting, conflict management, advocacy, and self-management of their “personal business.”

To gain details on all pre-requisites and programming details contact UTH at info@unitedthroughhope.org