Allstars: Social Skills groups Focusing on Leadership Skills for Individuals in K through High School

Allstars-generalizing the social skills!

Allstars is our “traditional” social skills classes. By traditional we mean we meet weekly at the same time and same place and with the same group of kids (aka members).

Allstars, as a social skills group, though is “untraditional” in many ways. How so?

  • We want generalization so we focus on how are you acting like a leader?
  • We bring attention to each members’ choices, level of involvement, expectations, and improvements.
  • We are focusing on the “soft skills” that are super important to being included such as applying social judgement, recognizing social nuances, and more!
  • At Allstars we do way more than sit around and talk instead we are active, involved, and utilize multiple settings to simulate real life social situations.
  • Members bring in items from home, have simulated “recess” and “lunch” like settings, are involved in parties, made up games, basic sports, conversation, and play dates.
  • We even leave and go out on outings to test out those skills at local businesses, practicing aspects like budgeting, waiting in lines, being polite and respectful to service staff, talking together at a restaurant, and more.
  • Allstars is about learning to go with the flow and using your skills to step up, be involved, experience and try new things, and build stamina!

Who can be in Allstars, Types of Allstars Programs, Schedules

Allstars is a broad term for a set of programs we have designed to meet basic social skills development. The age range to be in “Allstars” is for those enrolled in grades K through 12th grade.

We have several types of Allstars programs and not all programs are at all sites or are available every session.

  • All programs have a high staff to member ratio to allow for quick redirection, reflection, and teaching.
  • All programs are open to anyone, no diagnosis needed.
  • Some programs have a grade restriction to be in them (ex: only for 6th and up)
  • Some programs are designed for the higher functioning individual
  • Some programs may need a functional form of language or communication (able to speak without extensive prompting from staff)
  • We screen potential new members for consistent aggressive and/or oppositional tendencies. If a student has consistent aggressive and/or oppositional tendencies the staff will determine if they are a good fit for the program or need to do a different program first before joining Allstars.
  • Allstars is a closed group meaning once the session starts, those interested need to wait for the next session before starting.
  • New members to the program attend a mandatory intake on a specified date.

Allstars sessions?

Allstars in Denton typically runs on Saturdays from 3-5pm (K-5th) and on Sundays from 5-7pm (Teen, 6th-12th)

Allstars in Frisco typically runs on Saturdays from 10-12pm (K-5th) The teen members join the Denton teen group and transportation can be provided.

Typically Allstars runs 5 times a year: late Aug-end of Oct, Nov-end of Jan, Feb-end of March, April-May, and June-Aug.

New members have a mandatory intake 2 weeks prior to starting and it is usually on a Sunday.

Who Do I Contact for Enrollment or With Questions?

Contact or call 1-866-857-7751 for enrollment forms and further details.

Typically Allstars runs on an 8 week schedule, meeting 2 hrs each week.  But this summer we have altered the way our programming is being offered.

THIS PROGRAM IS RUNNING RIGHT NOW! It is called Allstars Frisco or Allstars Denton on the sign up page

Due to COVID all programming has been adapted.  All programming options are being offered stand alone (pick and choose what works for you!). Click here to see the offerings for online and in person.

For enrollment. Please email UTH at or contact UTH at 1-866-857-7751 to request the enrollment forms.