Keeping the Social Up During COVID-19 but Practicing Social Distancing!

Programming at UTH During COVID-19

Due to the fluidity of the social distancing and COVID ALL programming will be posted on THIS page. 

Enrollment is now open for the various social programs which at this time being ALL offered in a stand alone format.  You pick the ones that work for your schedule, age, and social needs. The programming will consist of online and in person events.   

This page is frequently updated. So please check back.

For any of the programs listed on the Form this is the link to review the consent you are agreeing to. Consent form for UTH

TIPs for navigating signup!

  • If a social activity has *** in front that means it is part of United Through HOPE’s League of Friends (LOF) or Just Girls Time Please (JGTP) programs and has a different pricing structure to accommodate special pricing for activities that are included.  LOF has a special t-shirt that must purchased and worn for it.
  • If members are wanting a more in depth social experience it is suggested the member pick back to back activities!  The longer length pushes the social stamina!  When choosing back to back the member can have transportation from certain locations PLUS they stay in between for no extra charge (yep more social time!)
  • All new members wishing to participate in the group based social programming offered on this page will be required to participate in a ZOOM based intake as a screening measure for most of the social group based programming offered on this page.