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Programs for our Young Adults

Young Adult Programs
Young Adult Meet Up
The schedule for our young adult meetups can be found on our site. Please RSVP for them so we can plan accordingly.

Our Young Adult Meetups is are designed with our Young Adults age 18-26 in mind! They meet throughout the month and there are different meet ups.

Some meetups are more topic in nature mixed in with time to just chill with other young adults.

Other meetups are activity based, where you meetup at a location such as a restaurant.

League of Friends
League of Friends is a 2 hr program that is all about getting out there and having social fun. It is a combination of outings out in the community at local young adult hangouts and events hosted at our site. Geared for those 18 through 26. It's all about having fun! For more details on this program visit our LOF page.

For enrollment for any of our programs listed please call 1-866-857-7751 or email us at
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