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Our late teens and young adults (ages 16-25) can continue refining their skills through Rising Stars, Centauri, and meetups!

Rising StarsRising Stars coming to UTH in February 2018!
Rising Stars is a 10 week program designed exclusively for the late teen through young adult's needs to grow into the leaders for tomorrow!

Rising Stars focuses on goal setting, life ambitions, motivation, and habits that promote advocacy and confidence. Through the 10 week program of Rising Stars, youths 16 through 25, can learn to develop character, confidence, and values that promote healthy life style choices as they move into adulthood.

Rising Stars' goal is to assist with the self-development process to attend college, attend a vocational program, move out on their own, gain employment, and more!

Rising Stars is an evidence based approach that has shown in recent surveys that after completion the participants have a 91% increase in positive choices!

Click here for an overview of program.
Centauri Series coming to UTH in September 2017!
The Centauri series are the first steps to the next chapter unfolding in your life! Each "Chapter" holds the key to unlocking the mystery to make a great impression!

A person can select the "Chapters" (aka meetings dates) they want to attend. Each "Chapter" is two hours in length and includes guest speakers that "get" the young adult/late teen mindset and can translate the "adult talk" to help the mystery be unlocked and the new chapter spring to life! The Centauri series is a great first step to becoming the leaders for tomorrow!

The Centauri series focuses primarily on the impressions you make toward others and draws a parallel between that and how we advance in life in school, relationships, and careers.

Click here for an overview of program. CBK3 Consulting

To gain more information, pricing, and enrollment forms about these unique programs only offered at United Through HOPE contact us at 1-866-857-7751 or

Rising Stars and Centauri are being offered through collaboration with Brad Kearney from CBK3 Consulting and through sponsorships from local businesses.

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